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Jeff is the co-author of "Teaming with Microbes, The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web" published by Timber Press in August 2006 to great acclaim and revised in 2011. It is touted as the most important gardening book published in the past 25 years and won the prestigious Garden Writers of America Gold Award for gardening books. It has been translated into Korean and French and soon Slovenian. Jeff is also the author of "Teaming with Nutrients, The Organic Gardener's Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition" published by Timber Press in May 2013. The shorthand title is "how plants...

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Watering and irrigation are one of the least appreciated aspects of gardening that has such an incredible impact on the health and growth of your plants. Steve Troy is a North American distributor of Blumats, an excellent way to irrigate your containers and beds using no electricity.         

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"The problem is not that there is residues of pesticides in our food, the problem is that there's only residues of nutrition left in our foods.” ~Steve Solomon      Transcript: Tad: Welcome to the Cannabis Cultivation and Science podcast, I'm your host Tad Hussey of KIS Organics. This is the podcast where we discuss the cutting edge of organic growing from a science-based perspective and draw on top experts from around the industry to share their wisdom and knowledge. Today we're honored to be interviewing Steve Solomon all the way from Tasmania. Steve is the author of numerous books,...

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