LED Lighting

LED Lighting

At KIS Organics, we are distributors of BIOS and Scynce LED Lighting, for indoor or greenhouse lighting. 

We have done extensive research on lighting equipment and came to the conclusion that these companies represent the best lighting options available on the market and the future of the horticultural industry. We strive to only carry the very best products for our customers and that's why we've added these companies to the list of companies we are proud to work with. 

BIOS Lighting

BIOS Lighting is an industrial grade, fully assembled lighting system that is easy to clean to maintain light output. They have a broad white spectrum, and a tool-free RapidRackTM mounting system. BIOS lighting systems are IP66 water and dust resistant, and are backed by their 50,000 hour of life and 5-year warranty.

Scynce LED Lighting

The development team at Scynce has created a new breed of indoor and greenhouse lighting that is challenging the status quo. They focus on better yields rather than only on power savings. Scynce has over two decades of automobile, marine, military, architectural and theatrical LED experience and now offer the next generation of horticulture lightings solutions.

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