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Listen to the Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast

Tad and Brandon join Chad Weston on The Friendly Cannabis Show

In this podcast they discuss the applied science and challenges relevant to common organic practices in both large scale operations and home grows; covering common misperceptions and some topics that are just not fully understood in the world of organic cannabis.

Our published Dichotomous Key for understanding nutrient deficiencies as mentioned in the Friendly Cannabis Show can be downloaded HERE. More information is below.

The goal of Chad Westport’s YouTube channel is to offer easily digestible grow knowledge with practical application for everyone.  You can check out more of his podcasts and educational content HERE.

Chad is part of the Future Cannabis Project (FCP) which is a media collective that showcases the cultivation, science, health, community, and culture behind the cannabis plant. To date, FCP has served over 4 million hours of video content to the global cannabis community.

Nutrient Deficiencies?

Looking for a simplified path to determining a deficiency or issue in your crops?  Check out our our dichotomous key for understanding nutrient deficiencies

 One of the most important skills any grower can have is the ability to visually identify a deficiency or issue with their crop. Proper scouting and early identification of nutrient or IPM issues is critical to staying on target with your harvest goals. This can be confusing for newer growers and can take decades to learn, requiring constant repetition. This is especially true for cannabis growers with few scientifically backed representative images available due to prohibition.

What is needed is a dichotomous key. Rather than relying on memorization, utilizing a dichotomous key gives a clear and simplified path to determining the nutrient deficiency at hand.  The staff at KIS has built this off of existing models from more traditional agriculture. Our hope is that it will be of value for all growers. Pulling from traditional agricultural tools we have crafted a useful key for all growers but also specifically for cannabis growers. KIS is here to support all forms of cultivation in an effort to move towards sustainable practices. Proper utilization of the appropriate nutrients is key to managing these strategies. Before we teach you the process for determining nutrient deficiencies we have a very important decision to make. Is this really a nutrient issue?

Celebrating a Podcast Milestone

KiS recently celebrated 4 years of the Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast with the release of the 100th Episode! 

Somewhat different from the usual format, the tables were turned on host Tad Hussey who is interviewed in this episode by Suzanne Wainwright Evans aka the Bug Lady.  Hear Tad talk about his journey with KiS and the podcast, sharing what he has learned from all the amazing guests he has had the privilege to interview. 

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