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Where it All Began

Keep It Simple or “KIS” was founded and created by Leon, Linda, and Tad Hussey in 2002 after selling Classic Nursery and Landscape Co., a retail nursery and landscape company that they owned for over 18 years.

KIS Farm began its planning in the summer of 2011 and officially opened its doors June 17th, 2012.  Our vision was to be a one-stop shop for all things organic, relating to growing plants and raising animals. 

Our bustling farm and feed store, edible nursery, outdoor preschool, community U-Pick, giant pumpkin patch, and numerous farm animals took a shift in 2019.

An Unexpected Transition

County restrictions forced us to shrink our business down due to restrictions on the property where KIS Farms was located. It was an emotional transition for all of us. As we moved into 2020 and the pandemic hit, this transition from being an in-person community resource to an online business was a blessing in disguise.

We are excited for our focus as a team to be more on helping others learn about and provide the products to build living, healthy soil. We are excited for new partnerships and research in cannabis cultivation, and for the opportunity to be a part of this growing industry.

Our family and team are grateful for so many memories and for the opportunity to serve and contribute to an amazing community. Leon and Linda are now fully and are busy gardening and farming out on the Olympic Peninsula and spending time with their new granddaughter.

KIS Farm Blog: Urban Farming Resources

While you aren't able to stroll through the small farm, nursery, and feed store we lovingly built in our community in Redmond, Washington to join us for a U-Pick event, take an animal tour or to take the short walk through the nature trail and watch the salmon spawning, the legacy of KIS Farm lives on in KIS Organics. 

Here are a few of the resources that we gathered during our years as KIS Farm. Our Guide to Common Fruit Trees and Chicken Breed and Feeding Guide will help you figure out what variety of trees or breeds of chickens will best suit your needs.

Guide to Common Fruit Trees

KIS Organics Guide to Common Fruit Trees

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Chicken Breed & Feeding Guide

KIS Organics Chicken Breed and Feeding Guide

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The Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast

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