KIS Farm is now KIS Organics

From Humble Beginnings

Keep It Simple or “KIS” was founded and created by Leon, Linda, and Tad Hussey in 2002 after selling Classic Nursery and Landscape Co., a retail nursery and landscape company that they owned for over 18 years.

KIS Farm began its planning in the summer of 2011 and officially opened its doors June 17th, 2012.  Our vision was to be a one-stop shop for all things organic, relating to growing plants and raising animals. 

Growing with Our Community

Our family has called Redmond home for over 40-years and starting a business in the community we love has been an honor. When we started Keep It Simple (KIS) Farm in 2012 there wasn’t a feed store in Redmond and we had a growing passion for sustainable urban farming, victory gardens, and backyard chickens. 

KIS grew beyond just a garden center. We expanded to serve our community through an edible nursery, feed store, U-Pick, soil manufacturer, and also have an outdoor preschool on-site. We were able to share in birthday parties, wedding rehearsals, salmon releases, and countless other experiences and memories. It has truly been a blessing.

Every End is a New Beginning

After a series of events involving local county restrictions on land usage, we made the difficult decision to close down the feed store, nursery, U-pick, animal tours, and retail brick-and-mortar store. We transitioned KIS Farm to our online store, KIS Organics.

Through all these changes, our values, commitment to quality and the cutting edge of organic growing from a scientific perspective remain the central focus of our company.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with our local community over the years. We are excited to expand and help people worldwide through KIS Organics. We hope you'll join us on this journey!

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