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Consultations with KiS Organics

KIS Organics' vision is to help gardeners in working towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of growing all plants using science-based horticulture and a data-driven approach.  We provide high-quality “living” soils, soil amendments, and education on organic growing practices.

We are now offering zoom consultations with our team in 30 minute increments. 

Once you have purchased the consultation Tad or Brandon will reach out to you with next steps.

If you specifically have a soil test that you want analyzed, please visit our Soil Testing page and choose ‘standalone consultation’.


Tad is the owner of KIS Organics and a partner in Kaizen Consulting. He received his BA from the University of Washington in 2000 and his Masters from Macquarie University in Australia in 2005. Tad also hosts the “Cannabis Cultivation and Science” Podcast where he interviews scientists, authors and farmers to help bridge the gap between agriculture, horticulture, and the cannabis industry.


Brandon has been growing cannabis for almost 4 decades. He has 19 years of salt experience running everything from coco, to rockwool, deep water culture, and more. 20 years ago he made the move to organics when he realized the only way to get the fullest expression of the plant was in organic living soil.

Brandon works for KIS Organics as the chief agronomist, as well as assisting growers with plant diagnosis and any other cultivation related issues.

Before joining the KiS Organics Team, Brandon was a founder and Director of Cultivation for a commercial hemp farm in South Carolina for 5 years where he managed a 3000 square foot headhouse and 7200 square feet of greenhouses for both flower and as a nursery. Working with Historically Black colleges and universities, he was responsible for delivering large propagation runs of 20-40,000 cuttings.