Our Philosophy on Growing Plants

In 2002, we started an online gardening business with our main product being compost tea brewers. Since that time we’ve expanded our product lines and also our knowledge regarding organic gardening through both research and experience.

While we are still firm proponents of what I like to call “Biological Horticulture,” which is essentially gardening to promote healthy biological activity in your soil and proper nutrient cycling (see the works of Ingham, Wilson, Lowenfels, etc..).  In recent years I’ve found more and more benefits to re-mineralizing the soil as well (see the works of Albrecht, Reams, Astera, Solomon, etc..).  Typically these are 2 different and contrasting philosophies within the organic gardening community.  I believe that both proper mineral levels and active nutrient cycling (healthy, functioning microbial populations) are necessary to grow the most nutrient dense, mineral-rich, disease-resistant crops in our garden.

Along these lines, we have added a diverse selection of organic and mineral amendments to our product lines in the hope that people will work to improve the quality of their soils and grow their own food.  There are many reasons why this is important, and I firmly believe that growing our own food locally and improving the quality of our soils will the be the best investment we can make in the years to come.

I walk through my local grocery store and very little of what I see on the shelves I would actually consider “food.”  How much of it has been over-processed, genetically modified, or inundated with fats and sugars to make it more palatable for consumption?  We pay a premium for “organics” in the supermarket, yet even then we don’t know if the fruits or vegetables were grown in mineral-rich soils.  If the minerals aren’t in the soil how can we expect them to be in our food?  Our food supply has been so highly commercialized with the focus being on yield and shelf life, rather than nutrient density, flavor, and overall nutrition.

Thanks to those who have been part of the journey and I hope we can continue to support the gardeners in our community for years to come!


Tad Hussey, Owner
Keep It Simple, Inc.