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Bryant is a Certified Crop Advisor who specializes in organic cannabis nutrition. He has spent the last 4 years working to combine precision laboratory techniques with data science in an effort to unravel the complexities of cannabis soil and crop nutrition. Along with his work on soilless media, he also helps outdoor cultivators around the U.S. with nutrient management and cover cropping. If you would like to do soil testing, help interpreting a soil test, or are interested in an online course on these subjects, his website is    

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This week’s podcast relates to soil testing. A lot of growers and cannabis consultants use soil tests to make fertility decisions for this crop. What I learned in the last two weeks really changed the way I view these tests and my conversation with our next guest will hopefully explain in better detail how these tests work, what information on them is most useful, and what we should be basing our production decisions on. This week’s guest is Bill McKibben. Bill is an accomplished agronomist and author of 2 books relating to soils. The art of balancing soil nutrients and...

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