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This is the final part of an interview series with Clackamas Coot. We settle the questions regarding using neem in soils, talk about seaweed, weigh in on the idea of no-till, and hear the history of "The One" from the man himself, the plant that Jim has been growing now for 40 years!     Resources/Links: Bio-Dynamic Association of India Vermiculture Technologies by Dr. Clive Edwards Vermicompost as a Biological Amendment Chapter 13 The Effect of Earthworms on the Physiological State of the Microbial Community at Vermicompost by Yakushev, Blagodatsky, and Byzov. The Seaweed Site Orange Sunshine: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and...

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This is the 2nd part of a 3 part interview series with Clackamas Coot. We talk more about neem, IPM strategies, worm bins, peat moss, how to evaluate potting soils, and much more!       Important links: Functional Blocks of Neem Oil The Growing Importance of Neem in Agriculture, Industry, Medicine, and Environment: A Review in Research Journal of Medicinal Plants Peat vs Coco  

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In this episode, we talk with Clackamas Coot (Jim Bennett) about how he came up with using malted barley in his soils and sprouting seeds for teas. He explains the benefits of neem and the importance of worm castings. Coot is famous for his soil mixes and all the information he freely shared on forums for years.  Transcript Tad: Welcome to the Cannabis Cultivation and Science podcast, I'm your host Tad Hussey of KIS Organics. This is the podcast where we discuss the cutting edge of organic growing from a science-based perspective and draw on top experts from around the...

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