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This week's podcast is all folks that will be speaking or attending the Biocontrols Conference this year. There are a ton of wonderful speakers and talks. Here's the link if you want to check it out! https://www.biocontrolsusa.com/ I caught up with Suzanne Wainwright Evans, who most listeners are familiar with, to talk a bit about the cannabis aphid, which is the topic of her talk at the conference. I also interviewed John Sanderson who is a professor of entomology at Cornell University with over 30 years of experience in pest management experience on greenhouse crops. Ronald Valentin, the director of...

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In this podcast, I interview my good friend Justin Magill. Justin is the head grower for Legit Cannabis North, a legal indoor cannabis facility here in Washington State. Justin has been growing using living soils in beds longer than anyone else I know and he has been instrumental in developing the KIS Soil and working out methodology around re-amendment.  This podcast was an opportunity to share some of what he's learned over the past decade through experience, and Justin shares both his successes and failures, which I think is really helpful to growers. My hope is that some of what...

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