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My guest this week is my good friend, Suzanne Wainwright-Evans also known by many as The Bug Lady. She is an Ornamental Entomologist specializing in integrated pest management.  Suzanne has been involved in the Green Industry for more than 25 years with a primary focus on biological control and using pesticides properly.  She is a graduate of the University of Florida with degrees in both Entomology and Environmental Horticulture. Suzanne has been on the podcast multiple times and I highly suggest folks go back and listen to some of her other podcasts if you haven’t already. This podcast though is a...

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My guest this week is Dr. Jack Munz. Jack obtained a Bachelor of Science in Botany from Colorado State University while working as a lab assistant facilitating the development of genetic  markers for invasive species. Jack then earned a Master of Science from Illinois State University where  he worked towards increasing vegetable oils in temperate grasses like corn for biodiesel production using targeted gene expression. He also has a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of British  Columbia during which he worked to unravel the genetic regulation of nitrogen starvation responses in  plants with next-gen sequencing technologies. Jack is now...

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