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My guest this week needs very little introduction. If you’ve ever studied lighting you’ve probably read some of his research. Bruce Bugbee is a professor at Utah State University and President of Apogee Instruments.  He is internationally known for his work with NASA to design food production systems for people living on Mars and has been a frequent speaker at conferences on indoor food production on Earth.  In 2011 he received the Governors Medal for Science from Utah Governor Gary Herbert. He has recorded several videos on photobiological principles; search for “bugbee agriculture”. Perhaps his pinnacle achievement is summarizing everything...

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Our guest today is Nelson Lindsley, of Poetry of Plants. You can check him out on Instagram under “poetryofplants” Nelson has been cultivating cannabis for over a decade and working in the industry for over two decades. An artist by heart and an innovator by trade, he has worked with the majority of leading grow room technology and techniques that are available on the current market and studied their application for efficient large scale cultivation. Over the last three years he has consulted on cultivation sites in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Pennsylvania and California. Currently, he is building a research and...

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