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My guest this week is Dr. Michael Brownbridge. Michael is a Biological Program Manager with BioWorks. In this role he provides technical support for the company's catalog of disease-management products, and their utilization in integrated plant health programs. Prior to joining BioWorks in 2019, he was fortunate enough to have travelled the world plying his craft, with research and outreach positions in Israel, Kenya, the US, New Zealand, and Canada, putting new biological control tools and knowledge into the hands of growers. Now on to the show!      

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My guest this week is Dr. Nicole Gauthier. She is a Professor and Extension specialist at the University of Kentucky.  Her program focuses on disease management of specialty crops, including hemp.  In her Extension role, she develops educational and outreach programs to help growers manage disease through identification, understanding of pathosystems, and integration of management strategies. Her research program focuses on a range of hemp diseases, including Fusarium head blight.  Dr. Gauthier earned her BS in Horticulture Science and her PhD in Plant Pathology from Louisiana State University.  She joined the UK College of Agriculture in 2011 and began working...

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