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Our guest this week is Kurt Becker. Kurt is the Executive Vice President of Commercial Products for the Dramm Corporation. For anyone looking to improve the efficacy of their spray applications, I highly suggest checking out this podcast and reaching out to Dramm directly. In this episode we cover a variety of topics ranging from RO Water, using ozone as a disinfectant, how different types of sprayers achieve different results, how spray applicators can affect microbes, and much more. You can reach Dramm directly at or          

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Our guest this week is Casey Schoenberger. Casey is the Director of Sales for Dramm Corporation’s Fertilizer and Farm Segments.  Dramm produces Drammatic® Fish Hydrolysate Fertilizers.  In addition, he and his wife Shelley operate Happy Little Farm in Conway, WA growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I brought him on to educate us on fish hydrolysate and other fish products. How are they made? Are they sustainable? What’s the difference between fish hydrolysate and fish emulsion? And much more. You can find many of their smaller sizes online or in local garden centers. If you are interested in...

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