Episode 118: Supplemental Podcast 1, The Soil Food Web

Episode 118: Supplemental Podcast 1, The Soil Food Web

Today’s podcast is a little different. I have been listening to the Andrew Huberman podcast lately, he’s a neuroscientist and professor at Stanford University and he does a variety of podcasts related to human health that are worth checking out. Anyway, in addition to his regular podcast interviews, he does this extra series where he answers listener questions and talks more in depth about a variety of topics. The first 15-20 minutes of these podcasts, which he calls “ask me anything” are available for free on the podcast channel, and then you can subscribe to his premium channel if you want to hear the rest. Well, I have found that in the course of all my interviews, I sometimes find topics that I want to talk about more in-depth or share a deeper opinion on than I get to in the podcast itself. Sometimes the flow of the podcast changes direction or it just doesn’t fit in the context of the interview, but regardless of the reason I thought a format like this would allow me to both share more information on the podcast as well as further support and provide value to the listeners who currently support our Patreon channel. Also, I’ve found that in some of my earlier interviews, the information has changed or I may not agree with everything that was shared by a guest. This will allow me to go share an alternative viewpoint or perspective on a topic. It takes me a long time now to vet guests for the show and while I’d like to be able to release podcasts more frequently, I’d rather focus on quality content rather than quantity.

So in the spirit of this new idea, I’ll be releasing some shorter podcasts on here that will just be me, talking on a particular topic or answering listener submitted questions that I think are really interesting and deserve to be shared.  Some of the topics I know I’d like to cover already are mycorrhizal fungi, the use of teas in cultivation like nutrient teas or compost teas, how water impacts cultivation, “no till” in soilless media, science-based metrics for growing cannabis, and much more.

This is all going to be additional content, and won’t take away from what we are already doing with the podcast. I promise that all the guest interviews I do outside of KIS Organics will continue to be free to access on the podcast, that’s really important to us and part of our mission to share and provide science-based education. 

You can check out the full podcast on our Patreon Channel: https://www.patreon.com/kisorganics


Cannabis Cultivation and Science PodcastCannabis Cultivation and Science PodcastCannabis Cultivation and Science PodcastCannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast