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NOW AVAILABLE IN 1 CUBIC FT & 1/2 CUBIC FT BAGS* - please note these come in plain/unmarked bags. (*FREE SHIPPING)

KiS Organics Biochar Soil Mix is is our premium soil. It offers all the rewards of our Water Only soil with the added benefit of Biochar at 8% of total media. Biochar raises carbon levels and CEC (ability of the soil to retain nutrients), provides habitat for beneficial microorganisms, increases water hold capacity, and much more. This mix is designed for heavy feeding crops and the biochar really shines in hot dry climates for moisture control as well as microbial enhancements.

100% natural and organic ingredients, no synthetic chemicals.

Here at KiS, we have made the extra steps to register our soil as fertilizer due to the high level of fertility we have added to the mix.  Our Biochar Soil Mix is registered for organic use in organic production with CDFA, Oregon Tilth and Certified KIND.

We have taken a lot of time, research and lab testing to perfect our soil mixes from the beginning. We use high quality amendments that work together to create balanced, nutrient dense, biologically active and diverse soil mixes.   Our soils have a high ratio of ingredients compared to all the other soils on the market and all our mixes are ready to use. 

The unique combination of minerals and biochar and our manipulation of pH have allowed our growers to pass all heavy metal testing in numerous states since the original formulation of our recipe.  Any heavy metals present in the formulation have been tested and proven to be relatively unavailable to the plant.

Bottled nutrients are not required and there is no need to worry about burning your plants - just plant and water until next harvest.  This soil mix has all the beneficial biology, nutrients, and minerals your plant needs to be happy and healthy for several months.

Additional advantages of our soil mix:

  • We use lab and microscope tested compost and peat to ensure good biological activity.
  • We inoculate our soil mix with additional microorganisms to further increase microbial life and nutrient cycling.
  • No need for further nutrients or fertilizer, saving you tons of money! That being said, we do have an advanced nutrient schedule available on our blog (click here).
  • Can be reused over and over again, with only small amendments between cycles. We have tested and re-amended the soil up to 5 years in indoor beds.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, though keep in mind that this soil is alive and there will be some insects and other small organisms in the soil. This is necessary to maintain a healthy soil food web and achieve proper nutrient cycling. You don’t want a sterile soil for organic gardening/growing!


Black Owl Biochar, Spaghnum Peat Moss, Oly Mountain Fish Compost, Earthworm Castings,  Volcanic Pumice, KIS Organics Microbe Catalyst, Glacial Rock Dust, Basalt, Calphos Soft Rock Phosphate, Oyster Shell Powder, Organic Alfalfa Meal, Organic Fish Bone Meal, Organic Crustacean Meal, Kelp Meal (ascophyllum nodosum), Neem Cake, Karanja Cake, Organic Fish Meal, Organic Feather Meal, Organic Steamed Bone Meal, Natural Calcite, Ag Lime, Mycorrhiza*, and Beneficial Microbes.

Benefits of these ingredients can be found HERE

To read more about biochar, visit

*Not to be considered as a full mycorrhizal application, a separate inoculation of the proper mycorrhiza is recommended, depending on your plant.


We recommend a minimum of 7 gallon containers for maximum benefit on a full cycle plant.

For indoor growing environments, use 60-90 gallons of soil per light. 

Water frequently to keep the soil evenly moist.  For best results, keep soil near field capacity.  To test the soil, take a handful and squeeze it firmly.  If only a drop of two of water comes out, then the soil is near capacity.

When using a moisture meter aim for 80-120 mbar; for best results use Tropf Blumat irrigation.

If you wish to add additional nutrients, please refer to the rest of our product line or use other nutrients at 1/4 of their recommended rate.

NOTE: If growing a larger plant in a small container, you will need to top dress weekly with our KiS Organics Nutrient Pack to achieve optimal plant growth.


All our soil mixes are available in bulk.  Minimum bulk order is 1 cubic yard and we offer discounts on larger quantity orders. 

Bulk pricing is available HERE

Please note that bulk orders cannot be purchased via the shopping cart.  Please fill in the Bulk Order Form with your details and a member of our team will get back to you with a personalized quote.


Please note that the cubic foot and half cubic foot sizes come in different bags to the 1.5 cubic foot bags.  These smaller sizes are unmarked with basic labels.  This helps us keep our costs down for you.   The 1/2 cubic ft bags are the only size available with free shipping.

Due to high shipping costs to some parts of the US (due to the weight of the soil), we also offer our Nutrient pack for those who prefer to make their own organic living soil using locally sourced inputs.

Pick up is available at a selection of local WA locations. These orders will need to be fulfilled with us directly.  Please call 425.558.0990 or email with any inquiries, to process your payment and book an in-person appointment.  


KiS Biochar Soil Mix Heavy Metal Report from Brookside Labs can be found HERE and from Cannabis Chem Lab  HERE

KiS Biochar Soil Mix MSDS  can be found HERE

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Brandon F.
United States United States

Very hydrophobic

I used to buy this soil years ago and it was amazing. But now it just seems like it's a dry pain like any other soil I'd buy from Walmart. Shippings expensive. After shipping, 70$ doesn't make sense for a dry bag of soil that won't hydrate even when using yucca extracts and/or bronners soap and/or aloe. I have a plant that I transplanted into this soil about 2 or 3 weeks ago soaking in a bucket of water right now and it's just floating. It's been looking sad no matter how much water I give it and even soaking it in a flooded drainage tray all day did nothing. We'll see if it hydrates and sinks in thr bucket.

KIS Organics KIS Organics Biochar Soil Mix Review
Joseph W.
United States United States

Great stuff

I can’t complain. I keep buying more. It’s great soil. I just wish there were vendors available in the Bay Area or Sacramento cause shipping is quite costly.

United States United States

KIS organics bio char soil

KIS Organics shipped quick and arrived quick. I'm in the same state which I sure helped. I am just about to get a run going and will update after I get finished up. I read a lot about Kis though and know a couple people that use it with great results

KIS Organics KIS Organics Biochar Soil Mix Review
Joseph W.
United States United States

Good stuff, expensive shipping

So far I’m really loving this bio-char mix. My plants are looking better and thriving. I want to buy more but dang is the shipping costly. How about a west coast, Bay Area distributor? But yeah, I’ll probably be buying more and some amendments in the future.

raymond s.
United States United States

excellent soil

arrived perfect!