Mealworm Insect Fertilizer (Frass) 2-3-2

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Beta Hatch mealworm insect frass is a locally sourced, OMRI certified fertilizer. This 100% certified organic product is rich in essential nutrients, with an N-P-K value of 2-3-2. This insect frass is a natural fertilizer and has the following benefits for plants and crops:

  • Supports plant growth under stress
  • Beneficial microbes for plant growth and production
  • No nitrates, heavy metals, methane, or nitrous-oxide emissions
  • Neutral pH
  • Dry powder is easy to apply
  • Water-soluble for use in hydroponics and fertigation
  • Contains chitin
  • No odor
  • No burn
  • Not a pesticide or fungicide, will not bring new insects into your garden.

 Application Instructions:

  • Transplanting - add a pinch under roots
  • Pre-Mix - add 1.5 cups per cubic foot (7 gallons) of planting media prior to planting
  • Top-Dress - sprinkle on the surface and water thoroughly


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