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Agsil 16 H (Potassium Silicate)


Agsil 16 H is a soluble form of Potassium Silicate that will provide your plants with a 100% available source of silicon and potassium essential for optimum plant growth and health. Potassium Silicate will strengthen your plants internal processes during periods of excessive stress and external defenses against foliar and soil diseases. Benefits include stronger cell walls, increased stem strength, increased heat, drought and cold tolerances and longer lasting leaves and blooms!

Agsil 16H is a simple and inexpensive alternative to water-based Silica products – now you can make your own for pennies on the gallon.  560 grams of Agsil in 1 gallon will give you 7.6% silicon (SiO2).

Derived from: Potassium Silicate

Guaranteed Analysis
Soluble Potash (K20): 32%
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2): 52%


Use ½ teaspoon per gallon of water as foliar spray, soil drench or emulsifier

Recipe for 7.8% Solution:

780: 1
148g : 1 L
560g : 1 gal

Mix 148 grams AgSil 16H into 1 liter water or 560 grams per gallon.  Store in bottle or jar and shake well before use. (1 lb = 454 g). Use this 7.8% solution at 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon per gallon water.

WARNING: Causes eye and skin irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling.

Never mix concentrated silica solutions with other concentrated fertilizers.  It is best practice to make up the liquid solution first or add water prior to mixing the powder with other ingredients or nutrients.

When mixing, be sure to add water to the container first. Fill the container halfway with water and then add the Agsil before filling the rest of the way and then mixing thoroughly. 


The silica needs to be stored in a cool dry location. There is no real shelf life to speak of if kept dry or in liquid concentrate form. We suggest you make the liquid concentrate for storage because if the powder gets any moisture it can turn into a rock. Shake vigorously before using.


Agsil 6H Safety Data Sheet

Agsil Heavy Metals Test

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Gary M.
United States

Good all around

I can't comment on the effectiveness of the potassium silicate. We're still in the middle of winter. It'll be several months before I apply the product. Everything with ragards to the purchase, however, was good. I appreciate the home gardener size packaging. It will last me a few years. The posted instructions on how to mix a concentrate and then dilute to the proper ratio was most welcome. Thank you. Also, thanks for the excellent science based podcast. What a great find after sifting through all the stoner focused information that's available.

William SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States


United States United States

Excellent product and customer service!

I reached out, about adding to my grow and Tad was very helpful. He explained what I would need and what I don’t need. He also explained how to use the product. I just recently added it to my water and so far the plants are looking happy and healthy. It’s incredibly easy to use. Thanks again I’ll be back for more when I’m through with this.

United States United States

Awesome product

This is just what l needed to supplement my my feeding schedule.

Sally B.
United States United States

Great Product Great Price

I recently purchased Agsil silica from KIS Organics, and I couldn't be happier with both the product and the service I received. First and foremost, I was impressed with the speed of delivery. The product arrived much faster than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. This quick turnaround time allowed me to start using the Agsil silica in my gardening project right away. As for the product itself, Agsil silica from KIS Organics is of the highest quality. It's clear that KIS Organics takes great care in sourcing their products, as the silica was clean, pure, and free of any impurities. This gave me confidence that I was using a premium-grade silica to benefit my plants. I particularly appreciated the reasonable price of the Agsil silica from KIS Organics. It's refreshing to find a supplier that offers a top-notch product at an affordable rate. This made it easy for me to purchase the quantity I needed without breaking the bank. Moreover, the packaging was secure and ensured that the product arrived in perfect condition. KIS Organics' attention to detail in packaging shows their commitment to customer satisfaction. Overall, I highly recommend KIS Organics for anyone in need of high-quality gardening supplies. Their Agsil silica exceeded my expectations, and their fast delivery and competitive pricing make them a top choice for all my gardening needs. I will certainly be a repeat customer and look forward to exploring more of their products in the future. Thank you, KIS Organics, for your exceptional service and outstanding products!