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Biochar Supreme Application Rates from BioChar Supreme.

Biochar Supreme is made by pyrolyzing 100% clean, unprocessed wood waste.

"What is pyrolyzing?" you ask?  Pyrolysis means "decomposition with heat" and it is as simple as baking the material in an oven in the absence of oxygen. The baking process releases flammable gasses that provide heat energy. In essence, we’re producing an amazing soil amendment that stores stable carbon in the soil while producing clean, emissions-free energy for the Washington State energy grid.

Biochar yields bigger and better crops.

In a world where food security is a serious issue, biochar has been proven to boost crop yields substantially. Major research centers around the world, including the USDA Agricultural Research Service and top institutions like Cornell University and Iowa State University, are confirming the benefits of biochar. Our own research trials have shown an 8-9% increase in growth and yields using our KIS Biochar Soil versus our Water-Only Soil.

Biochar Supreme has positively charged ions that attract fertilizers and nutrient minerals such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. This attractiveness (called "cation exchange capacity" or CEC) keeps nutrients in the plant root zone, preventing them from leaching out with watering. CEC also helps make the nutrients bioavailable to the plants. Ultimately, with Biochar Supreme in your soil, you need less fertilizer or compost for the same results. Along with your crops, you'll harvest savings in fertilizer costs, year after year.

High quality, well-made biochar can help with water retention in potted plants, nursery stock and sandy soils. With Biochar Supreme in your soil, you will water less often and save the cost associated with both water and labor.

Biochar Supreme creates pore spaces for oxygen and improves drainage in heavy clay soils. Add enough high quality, low bulk density biochar, and you can permanently change your soil structure to become more useable, where plants don't just survive - they thrive!

Biochar is a powerful tool to fight global warming. Agriculture is responsible for a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions, and a lot of that comes from the heavy use of nitrogen fertilizers that off-gas in the field. Studies have shown that biochar in soil can reduce emissions of these gases.

Biochar also stores atmospheric carbon in the soil. Here's how it works: plants use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to build their tissues. When we covert that biomass to stable biochar carbon, we have effectively removed it from the atmosphere for centuries. Otherwise, that biomass would decompose and all the carbon would go back into the atmosphere. Climate scientists believe that biochar sequestered in soil can be one of the most effective tools to control climate change.

Biochar has been shown to be a magnet for heavy metals and other water impurities. Soil remediation is a growing and proven use for biochar. And when biochar immobilzes toxics in the soil, that means they do not end up in our watersheds and in our drinking water.

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