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To download the .pdf click here   Plant growth comparison of Cannabis sativa when grown in isolated containers versus communal bed systems.    Dr. Ben Higgins and Tad Hussey 16 June, 2019   Introduction The decision that all farms are faced with in choosing which containers (if any) to use for their crop(s) has both biological and financial implications. Not surprisingly, these implications are not mutually exclusive, as the type of containers used (e.g., hydroponics, potted soil, raised beds, ground-planted, etc.) inherently will express differences in ecosystem biodiversity. Furthermore, this decision as to which type of growing method used (e.g.,...

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Historically I have discouraged people from using specific microbial inoculants when growing, as many of these microorganisms can be found in greater concentrations and diversity in a properly made aerated compost tea (ACT). In fact, many of the "instant compost tea" or "microbes in a bottle" products I've looked at under the microscope over the past 10 years tend to be dead or completely dormant.  When I met Colin, the founder of Mammoth P, at Cannacon I was initially quite skeptical. However, he was able to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction and got me interested in the...

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I hear a lot of claims out there regarding mycorrhizal fungi. This article is an attempt to help growers weed through the misinformation and marketing hype to decide what product is best for their garden. It is based on the research I've done over on the subject over the past 8 years, but I am always learning new things and will update the article accordingly.  So what is mycorrhizal fungi? It's a fungi that forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of most plants. In a natural system, it is one of the primary ways the plant receives phosphorus, but it has...

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