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Cubic yard super sacks ship via commercial freight. Call or e-mail us for a freight estimate on your cubic yard of SeaCoast Compost.

SeaCoast Compost is a rich one-of-a-kind treatment that helps your soil bear more vigorous and healthy plants. Slow-aged for 2 years, SeaCoast is redefining compost with its high-grade recipe of diverse wild-caught seafood by-products (fish, crab and shrimp), organic cow manure, pristine red alder, and a enlivening biodynamic preparations.  Each raw material is carefully selected selected for it unique nutritive and revitalizing qualities.

Demeter Certified BioDynamic and CDFA Certified Organic.  Each batch goes through rigorous, in depth testing to ensure a lean enlivening, nutrient rich product.


Compost Biology Report

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