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KIS Organics Commercial Growers Mix is designed for the large scale cultivator. The goal was to provide the highest quality soil possible at an affordable price. Your soil is your best investment and can save you a ton of money on labor and nutrients. This mix was formulated by Tad Hussey and is based on our experience and knowledge in creating soils and nutrients for the cannabis industry over the past 10 years.

Shipping Weight:

1 yard totes are between 800 and 850 lbs each. Weights may vary depending upon weather and seasonality.


Black Owl Biochar, Spaghnum Peat Moss, Oly Mountain Fish Compost, Earthworm Castings,  Volcanic Pumice, KIS Organics Microbe Catalyst,  Glacial Rock Dust,  Basalt, Calphos Soft Rock Phosphate, Oyster Shell Powder, Organic Alfalfa Meal, Organic Fish Bone Meal, Organic Crustacean Meal, Kelp Meal (ascophyllum nodosum), Organic Fish Meal, Organic Feather Meal, Ag Lime, Mycorrhiza*, and Beneficial Microbes.

Advantages of our soil mix:

1. We use Black Owl Biochar at 5% of our total media. To read more about biochar, visit 

2. We use lab and microscope tested compost and peat to ensure good biological activity.

3. We inoculate our soil mix with additional microorganisms to further increase microbial life and nutrient cycling.

4. 100% natural and organic ingredients, no synthetic chemicals.

5. Can be re-used over and over again, with only small amendments between cycles. We have tested and re-amended the soil up to 5 years in indoor beds.

6. Can be used indoors or outdoors, though keep in mind that this soil is alive and there will be some insects and other small organisms in the soil. This is necessary to maintain a healthy soil food web and achieve proper nutrient cycling. You don’t want a sterile soil for organic gardening/growing!


*Not to be considered as a full mycorrhizal application, a separate inoculation of the proper mycorrhiza is recommended, depending on your plant.

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