Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

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This is the podcast where we bring leading experts from the horticulture and gardening industry and find out the latest information and research for cannabis cultivation. Forget the marketing hype from bottled nutrient companies, everything on this show is based in science and research. If you want to improve your gardening or cannabis cultivation then you've come to the right place.

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Tad Hussey

Episode 1: Introduction with Tad Hussey - Learn the foundation behind this style of horticulture as Tad makes the case for the future of cannabis cultivation and a brief look at upcoming episodes. Read more
Jeff Lowenfels
Episode 2: Jeff Lowenfels talks about how his three books, Teaming with Microbes, Teaming with Nutrients, and Teaming with Fungi all apply to cannabis cultivation. We explore the Soil Food Web and mycorrhizal fungi in greater depth, as well as how nutrients move in plants. Read more
Clackamas Coot
Episode 3: In the first of a three part series, Clackmas Coot breaks down his soil mix, why he uses peat over coco coir, how to properly make worm castings, and the history of The One. Read more
David Bernard Perron
Episode 4: Head Grower and Agrologist, David Bernard Perron drops some amazing knowledge. David has a Masters degree in Plant Sciences and runs the only fully certified organic cannabis facility in North America. Read more.
Tim "Microbeman" Wilson
Episode 5: Tim "Microbeman" Wilson gives us the rundown on  aerated compost teas, living soil, root exudates and vermicomposting. Tim was running no-till living soils decades ago! Read more.
Steve Solomon
Episode 6: In this episode, author Steve Solomon talks about soil remineralization, nutrient density, and soil testing as well as a personal history of how he came to believe in the importance of soil testing. Read more.
Clackamas Coot
Episode 7: In the second of a three part series, Clackmas Coot talks about neem, IPM strategies, peat vs coco and much more. . Read more
Episode 8: In the final episode of a three part series, Clackamas Coot addresses the #neemgate talk, further explains the benefits of seaweed, and tells the story of "The One" Read more
Nelson Lindsley Podcast
Episode 9: There's more than one way to grow a plant. In this 2 part interview with Nelson Lindsley of Poetry of Plants, we explore hybrid techniques, talk lighting technology, and much more...Read More
Episode 10: In part 2 with Nelson Lindsley of Poetry of Plants, we dive in to more practical applications of his knowledge...Read More
Episode 11: Ever wanted to learn more about humic and fulvic acids? Dr. Faust breaks it down for us in this week's episode...Read More
Jaya Palmer
Episode 12: Jaya Palmer brings us some exciting and practical tips for setting up your grow room as well as an introduction to using predatory mites and beneficial bugs....Read More
Episode 13: What's the future of cannabis cultivation? Jaya Palmer and I explore some of the latest advancements and ideas around cultivation that we learned this past weekend at an invite-only conference. Read More
Episode 14: What is biochar? How do we evaluate and use this amazing technology in our gardens? Check out this week's interview with Renel Anderson, founder of Black Owl Biochar to learn more...Read More

Episode 15: Entomologist Suzanne Wainwright Evans talks with us about biosecurity, biocontrols, how to best use pesticides and some of the problem insects in our garden....Read More

Episode 16: Award winning author Jessi Bloom shares insight into what Permaculture really means and how it might apply to cannabis cultivation...Read More
Episode 17: Agronomist Kris Borgman leads us through the world of soil testing. Learn the pros and cons of soil testing and how to interpret the results to optimize your soil fertility...Read More
Episode 18:

William Evans shares with us how containers can dramatically reduce transplant shock, improve worker efficiency, increase plant health, and a myriad of other benefits...Read More

Episode 19: 'The Bug Lady' is back! Entomologist Suzanne Wainwright Evans comes back on to discuss dipping, soaps vs oils, and much more in this week's episode....Read More
Episode 20: Author Ben Hartman explains the importance of reducing waste, improving efficiency, and much much more in this episode...Read More
Episode 21: Farmer Chris Jagger talks about common mistakes new farmers make and the Living Soil Symposium...Read More
Episode 22: Steve Troy discusses irrigation and the benefits of Blumat watering systems....Read More
Episode 23: Damian Koch from Blumats talks about how to do an initial setup as well as frequently asked questions....Read More
Episode 24: Nate Gibbs of Gold Leaf Gardens sits down with me to discuss their living soil indoor facility and everything it takes to succeed in today's  emerging  market....Read More
Episode 25:   Growing a Revolution: Bringing our Soils back to Life is the subject of this week's podcast with Geologist and Author David Montgomery....Read More
Episode 26: The Hidden Half of Nature with Anne Biklé. In this episode we discuss the benefits of mulching and the role microbes play in our gardens and our bodies...Read More
Episode 27: The Role of Lighting in Plant Growth with Fluence Bioengineering...Read More
Episode 28: How Fish Products Are Made and What the Differences Are with Casey Schoenberger....Read More
Episode 29: The Right Tool for the Job with Kurt Becker. In this episode we cover a variety of topics ranging from RO Water, using ozone as a disinfectant, how different types of sprayers achieve different results...Read More
Episode 30: Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, and VPD. Learn about how to combat these diseases and improve your environmental controls with Travis Higginbotham.....Read More
Episode 31: Hear from 3 time World Champion Ron Wallace about how he grows the world's largest vegetables and how some of his methods might apply to cannabis....Read More
Episode 32: Chris Trump explains Natural Farming and KNF and the philosophy behind the these methods for growing plants using locally sourced microbes and inputs....Read More
Episode 33: The Bug Lady is back! Entomologist Suzanne Wainwright Evans comes back on the podcast to talk about what she's seen over the past year consulting on cannabis farms, including advice on scouting, sticky cards, and much more....Read More
Episode 34: Has cannabis cultivation evolved to where cannabis-marketed bottled nutrient companies are becoming outdated? Hear my conversation with Nelson Lindsley of Poetry of Plants on the subject....Read More
Episode 35: Soil tests are important but can be confusing. Learn how to read a soil test and determine target levels with Aaron Crozier of GrowRU....Read More
Episode 36: Microbial-based products are becoming more popular in horticulture. Learn more from Dr. Sarah Pellkofer with Plant Probiotics about some new developments in the industry....Read More
Episode 37: A deep dive into the world of mycorrhizal fungi. Jim Eagan of Plant Revolution talks about all the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi and how to select the best product for your garden...Read More
Episode 38: Branding and Marketing in the Cannabis Industry with Shango Los of Shaping Fire....Read More
Episode 39: Part 2! Branding and Marketing in the Cannabis Industry with Shango Los of Shaping Fire....Read More
Episode 40: Jeremy Plumb, Director of Production Science at Pruf Cultivar....Read More 
Episode 41Jeremy Plumb, Director of Production Science at Pruf Cultivar answers listener questions....Read More
Episode 42: Matt Haynes and Sunny Summers with the Oregon Department of Agriculture on fertilizer and pesticide registration and testing....Read More
Episode 43: Dr. Allison Justice shares some of her latest research relating to lollipopping, curing, and much more....Read More
Episode 44: Dr. Eleanor Kuntz explains what an Herbarium is and the importance of documenting and preserving cannabis cultivars.....Read More 
Episode 45: Michael Bowman shares what the 2018 Farm Bill means for Hemp Cultivation in 2019....Read More
Episode 46: Plant breeding and the power of genetic testing with Dr. Reggie Gaudino...Read More
Episode 47: Plant breeding and genetic testing with Dr. Reggie Gaudino part II....Read More
Episode 48: Determining if LEDs are right for you and your grow with DrRebecca Knight of BIOS Lighting....Read More
Episode 49: Controlled Environment Agriculture and HVAC with Dr. Greenhouse ...Read More
Episode 50: Jeff Lowenfels is back! We talk on a variety of subjects including his new book on auto flowers...Read More
Episode 51: Research in cannabis production with Dr. Ben Higgins. We also release a new white paper and talk about some other trials and their preliminary results....Read More
Episode 52: Justin Magill, Head Grower for Legit Farms, shares his experiences growing in living soil in beds over the past decade....Read More
Episode 53: Colin Bell, co-founder of Mammoth Microbes, talks about the functional roles of microbes in relation to soil and plant health....Read More
Episode 54: I sit down this week with John Z and cover a wide variety of listener questions from Patreon and Instagram....Read More
Episode 55: Dr Bronner's CEO, David Bronner, talks about the Sun+Earth Certification and Brother David's non profit company...Read More
Episode 56: Andrew Black with Certified Kind explains some of the challenges and intricacies around certification in the cannabis industry....Read More
Episode 57: Dr. Deron Caplan shares some of his university research working on cannabis production and propagation...Read More
Episode 58: Dr. Adie Rae is an NIH-funded neuroscientist who has been studying cannabis, opioids, and their interaction for her entire career...Read More
Episode 59: There's been little to no research on what nutrient deficiencies look like when analyzing leaf tissue. Paul Cockson shares his recently published paper on the subject...Read More
Episode 60: In this podcast I interview some exciting guests and speakers of the upcoming Biocontrols USA conference...Read More
Episode 61: Agronomist and Author Bill McKibben talks about how the Logan Labs soil test works on potting soils and takes us step by step through some test results...Read More
Episode 62: Entomologist JP Michaud shares why you should never buy ladybugs for your garden...Read More
Episode 63 Part 1: Integrated Pest Management Tips for Indoor and Outdoor Growers with Kelly Vance...Read More
Episode 64 Part 2: Practical Pest Prevention Tips to Maximize Your IPM with Kelly Vance...Read More
Episode 65: Strategic Planning and Design for Indoor Cannabis with Brian Anderson...Read More


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