Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

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This is the podcast where we bring leading experts from the horticulture and gardening industry and find out the latest information and research for cannabis cultivation. Forget the marketing hype from bottled nutrient companies, everything on this show is based in science and research. If you want to improve your gardening or cannabis cultivation then you've come to the right place.

Tad Hussey

Episode 1: Introduction with Tad Hussey - Learn the foundation behind this style of horticulture as Tad makes the case for the future of cannabis cultivation and a brief look at upcoming episodes. Read more
Jeff Lowenfels
Episode 2: Jeff Lowenfels talks about how his three books, Teaming with Microbes, Teaming with Nutrients, and Teaming with Fungi all apply to cannabis cultivation. We explore the Soil Food Web and mycorrhizal fungi in greater depth, as well as how nutrients move in plants. Read more
Clackamas Coot
Episode 3: In the first of a three part series, Clackmas Coot breaks down his soil mix, why he uses peat over coco coir, how to properly make worm castings, and the history of The One. Read more
David Bernard Perron
Episode 4: Head Grower and Agrologist, David Bernard Perron drops some amazing knowledge. David has a Masters degree in Plant Sciences and runs the only fully certified organic cannabis facility in North America. Read more.
Tim "Microbeman" Wilson
Episode 5: Tim "Microbeman" Wilson gives us the rundown on  aerated compost teas, living soil, root exudates and vermicomposting. Tim was running no-till living soils decades ago! Read more.
Steve Solomon
Episode 6: In this episode, author Steve Solomon talks about soil remineralization, nutrient density, and soil testing as well as a personal history of how he came to believe in the importance of soil testing. Read more.