Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast Episode 34

Our guest today is Nelson Lindsley, of Poetry of Plants. You can check him out on Instagram under “poetryofplants” Nelson has been cultivating cannabis for over a decade and working in the industry for over two decades. An artist by heart and an innovator by trade, he has worked with the majority of leading grow room technology and techniques that are available on the current market and studied their application for efficient large scale cultivation. Over the last three years he has consulted on cultivation sites in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Pennsylvania and California. Currently, he is building a research and development facility for the design of cultivar specific study and working with several of the leading LED horticultural lighting companies on implementing technology in controlled environments before the products come to market. 

You can also check out his website at He’s an excellent consultant and his team can help with facility design, operational training, and state applications.

The Dope History podcast is going to be an amazing project and something we are both really excited about. It’s taking us longer to than we expected to get it published but you can follow along @dopehistorypodcast on instagram and The narratives we’ve heard so far are really fascinating and the history behind this plant and the effect it’s had on our culture and the people involved in bringing us towards legalization is just incredible.


Cannabis Cultivation and Science PodcastCannabis Cultivation and Science PodcastCannabis Cultivation and Science PodcastCannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast