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Live Earth® Humates

Live Earth Humate Soil Conditioner®

Sulfur(S) 1.50%, Iron(Fe) 2.25%, Humic Acid 45%

Is a premium all-natural granular product, which is certified organic and OMRI listed. It is the foundation of all of our humic acid products. It’s essential humic acids naturally promote enhanced soil activity, for healthier roots and plants. The unusually high carbon content guarantees balanced carbon-to-nitrogen ratios necessary for maintaining healthy soil.
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The addition of Humic Acid Ore to your soils will increase the availability of micro-nutrients (Zn, Fe, Mg, Mn, and Ca) as well as phosphate and potash to your plants. Use as part of a fertilizer program to allow for more efficient nutrient retention, to improve soil structure and tilth and increase surface water penetration and infiltration rates.

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