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If you want your vegetables to not only taste better but be healthier then adding rock dusts or trace minerals is important. Plants need more than just NPK and much of that is provided by rock dusts like basalt. What makes basalt special is that it contains many of these trace elements at good levels without high heavy metals or other elements that we don't want in our garden like arsenic and lead. See the link at the bottom for a true comparison, but basalt is something that I consider a must-have ingredient in my soil mixes and garden. It also happens to be paramagnetic and work really well as a de-icer in the winter. Much better than throwing down a bunch of salt that increases the salinity in my yard with the runoff.

Cascade Minerals Basalt 

Stimulates soil micro-organism activity

Contributes to the building of humus complexes

Is an excellent trace mineral source

Will neutralize pH and support your soils fertility

Increases phosphorus uptake

Odor control when sprinkled on animal bedding

Mineral comparisons of basalt with other amendments can be downloaded here

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