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The KiS Organics Nutrient Pack is essentially the nutrient portion of our Water Only and Biochar soil mixes for container planting and raised beds.  You can grow from seedling to harvest with no other inputs but water for several months. This is a great option for saving on shipping by sourcing your base soil ingredients locally.

100% natural and organic ingredient with no synthetic chemicals.  The Nutrient Pack is registered for organic use with the CDFA.  The combination of minerals has passed all Heavy Metal testing in numerous states

We use high quality organic and natural ingredients that are formulated to allow the plant to uptake all the essential ingredients it needs to give you healthier and higher yielding crops and ultimately an abundant harvest.   We have designed this formula to ensure that sufficient quantities of mineral nutrients are available to the microbes and plants, allowing the plant to uptake all the essential ingredients it needs.

Additional advantages to the Nutrient Pack:

  • The KiS Nutrient Pack has been tested on multiple plants and vegetables all the way to harvest.

  • No need for further nutrients or fertilizer, saving you tons of money! (see blog post here if you would like an advanced schedule to fully maximize plant growth with some minimal plant-specific inputs)

  • No need to flush your soil

  • Save money! Keep your soil alive and healthy. You can reuse KIS Organic soils over and over again with small amendments between cycles. 

  • Use it indoors or outdoors. Keep in mind that this soil is alive and there will be some insects and other small organisms in the soil. This is necessary to maintain a healthy soil food web and achieve proper nutrient cycling. You don't want a sterile soil for organic gardening/growing.

  • You can use your current nutrient program at 1/4 strength with our soil mix to produce healthier & higher-yielding crops.


Our nutrient pack is a great product to cover a wide variety of scenarios and can be used in 3 different ways:

Top Dress Nutrient Deficient Soil

You can sprinkle the mixture on top of the soil, lightly scratch it in and follow the application with watering. On a side note - if you are strictly 'no till' then this is method works well but if mixing it more thoroughly into the soil is an option then that will allow the nutrients to get to the rhizosphere quicker. 

General Application

  • Apply 1 cup of nutrient pack per 10 gallons of soil in growing media pots or 1/2 cup per square foot of soil outdoors.
  • Lightly scratch or till into soil.

Amending Recycled Soil

Mix the nutrient pack (per application rate) with aeration (i.e pumice, gypsum, perlite) and good compost or worm castings and then add that to your existing soil. 

Recipe (Per Gallon of Reused Soils)

  • 0.8 oz to 1.6 oz KIS Nutrient Pack
  • 5 oz aeration amendment
  • 5 oz high-quality compost or earthworm castings

Mix and wet thoroughly. Allow 24-48 hours before planting.

Create Water-Only Living Soil

This is a great option for those who want to use our soil but want to use local inputs or perhaps want to save on shipping by sourcing the base soil ingredients locally.

The only thing technically "missing" from the Nutrient Pack would be the Biochar, peat moss, pumice or other aeration, and a high-quality compost. You'll want to source those bulkier items locally.  Some folks even mix our Nutrient Pack at 1/2 strength if you need the soil to stretch a bit further. If you decide to add Biochar, then you can get one of the smaller sizes we offer.  We add Biochar at 5 - 8% for our Biochar soil mix. 

Water Only Soil Recipe (this makes a little over 100 gallons or 1/2 yard of soil)

  • 45 gallons sphagnum peat moss
  • 35 gallons aeration amendment (pumice, perlite or lava rock)
  • 20 gallons high quality compost or earthworm castings

Add the Large KiS Nutrient Pack and mix thoroughly and then water to field capacity.  Turn the soil the following day and then every other day for 7 - 14 days.  When the soil has cooled to ambient temperature it is ready to plant.  It is easiest to mix on a slab, tarp or kiddie pool as to not lose any ingredients when adding water.

The Small Nutrient Pack (3.2 lbs) is enough to make a little over 1 cubic ft (10 gallons) of Water Only Soil

The Regular Nutrient Pack (14 lbs) is enough to make 4 cubic ft (30 gallons) of Water Only Soil

The Large Nutrient Pack (42 lbs) is enough to make 12 cubic ft (100 gallons) of Water Only Soil

If you're interested in creating your own water only soil, check out this blog post for full recipe and instructions

Detailed mixing instructions can be found here

Please note that these are all suggested applications and the rate to use can depend on a number of variables. When using this product in your growing scenario you may need to experiment with the rates for your specific situation.


In order to identify and solve any specific issues we would ideally need a soil test.  Using a soil test we can help growers to identify what they need and potentially look at a custom blend. We have an online form that comes straight to our in house experts to advise and hopefully create a Nutrient Pack that will best benefit your soil.  The availability of this service depends on the volume required and seasonal workflow but you can get in touch with us and we will look at these on a case by case basis and help or advise where we can. 

If you are a large grower and would like KiS to formulate an optimal Nutrient Pack for your particular soil, please visit our Custom Nutrient Pack page HERE.


KIS Organics Microbe Catalyst, Organic Alfalfa Meal, Organic Fish Bone Meal, Organic Crustacean Meal, Organic Kelp Meal, Organic Fish Meal, Glacial Rock Dust, Basalt, Soft Rock Phosphate, Oyster Shell Flour, Neem Cake and Karanja Cake, Gypsum, Natural Calcite, Mycorrhiza, and Beneficial Microbes.


KiS Nutrient Pack Heavy Metal Report can be found HERE

KiS Nutrient Pack MSDS can be found HERE

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KIS My Plants

Excellent! I have seen wonderful results from using the Nutrient Pack. My plants have been noticeably thriving since usage! Thank you KIS!

KIS Organics KiS Organics Nutrient Pack ReviewKIS Organics KiS Organics Nutrient Pack ReviewKIS Organics KiS Organics Nutrient Pack Review
Simon K.
United States United States

Kis nutrients pack and the bio char soil

So far im very happy with these products, they shipped fast ..i would recommend these products to anyone that wanting to join the soil game.

John M.
United States United States

It works.

The water only grow using your blend (1st grow with) is one week from harvest but developed a magnesium deficiency about two weeks ago. Otherwise your nutrient pack is spot on!

United States United States

Superb efficiency and always!

Whether for apple, plum and fig trees or for extensive vegetable gardens...these KIS Organics Nutrient Packs and Wow Mycorrhizal Innoculant give our plants a significant boost in terms of growth, strength, vigor, production and resistance to disease. Thank you KIS Organics!

A KIS Organics Customer
Amanda D.
United States United States


Love this product! I have used it for 2 years now and get great results. It's backed by science and easy for anyone to use.