Official Clackamas Coot Nutrient and Mineral Kit

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Clackamas Coot has done so much for our community, now is your chance to grow using his recipe and also support him for his sharing and knowledge. This kit is based off of Clackamas Coot's own original soil mix and 10% of the proceeds will go directly to the man himself. In the past Coot has gotten no revenue for products on the market in his name and we at KIS Organics think it's about time for that to change. 

In this Nutrient and Mineral Pack you will receive the following:

For Blending and Topdressing:

Malted Barley

For Mixing in Soil (per cubic foot):

1 cup Crustacean Meal

1 cup Kelp Meal

1/2 cup Neem Cake

1/2 cup Karanja Cake

1 cup Basalt

1 cup Gypsum

1 cup Calcium Carbonate (Ag Lime)

Apply at a rate of 2 cups per cubic foot or approximately 1/4 cup per gallon of the mix when mixing soil.

Coot's Soil Recipe per cubic foot of soil (7.5 gallons):

1/3 Sphagnum Peat Moss

1/3 Aeration Amendment (pumice, lava rock, perlite, vermiculite, rice hulls, etc..)

1/3 High Quality Compost and/or Earthworm Castings 

2 cups of Coot's Nutrient and Mineral Pack above

2 cups of Malted Barley (blend 1 cup into a powder then mix into soil, the other cup will be top dressed at a rate of 1/4 cup of malted barley each week starting in week 3-4.

You will want to blend the barley right before applying it).

NOTE: The key to this mix is to use high quality compost or earthworm castings. The compost and castings portion contain the highest concentrations of beneficial microbes which are needed to break down the nutrients in to a plant-available form.

Our compost and earthworm casting options:

Oly Mountain Fish Compost

KIS Fungal Compost

Earthworm Castings 


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