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Easy-to-Use. Reliable. Microscope-Tested.

The KIS Compost Tea Brewing Kits come in a single, 3, 5 or 10 brew option for 5-gallon batches, or in a single or double brew option for 50-gallon batches (tea brewer system not included). We have done extensive testing and research in designing these kits in order to guarantee consistently high numbers of beneficial microorganisms in every brew.  

What's included:

Either a single, three, five or ten individually portioned and packaged tea brew kits to produce 5 gallons of compost tea per 5-gallon kit, or a single, or double individually portioned and packaged tea brew kit to produce 50 gallons of compost tea per 50-gallon kit. Each kit contains high-quality compost, and foods to enable microbial growth.

How to use these brew kits:

1. Fill the 5-gallon bucket or 50-gallon container with rainwater or dechlorinated water.  Ensure you have a quality aeration motor to maintain adequate dissolved oxygen levels for microbial growth.

2. Use one kit for one brew: Drop the mesh bag into the bucket, sprinkle in the loose bag of foods, run your brewer aeration system for 18-36 hours, and you're done!

We recommend you apply your compost tea within 4 hours of taking it off of aeration.

Need more than 5 gallons of brew?  We recommend brewing the tea in the 5-gallon bucket, and then diluting as needed for the application. We also offer our 50-gallon microbulator and kits for larger applications.

For first time users in a garden, outdoor landscape, or farm, we do 5 applications (of about a pint per plant used as a soil drench) throughout the growing season. Some gardeners and growers apply teas at rates ranging from once per week to 3x for the entire year. You’ll need to determine what works best for your garden based on plant response, labor, and cost.

Don't have a brewer?  Check out our 5-gallon Mini-Microbulator or our 50-gallon Microbulator.

Click here for detailed instructions.

To learn more, check out our Ultimate Compost Tea Guide

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