Organic Whole Grain Malted Barley

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Certified Organic 2 Row Malted Barley

All credit goes to Clackamas Coot.

Barley Enzymes - amylase, arylsulphatase, β-glucosidase, cellulase, chitinase, dehydrogenase, phosphatase, protease and urease.

You can make your own DIY enzyme product for an affordable price. Just grind up the barley and top dress your plant. Application ranges from 1 T. for small plants up to 2 cups for large plants. Just apply the ground barley and water it in. Needs to be made fresh and cannot be pre-ground to preserve the enzymes. No need to sprout the seeds and risk anaerobic conditions. The malted barley has already been partially germinated and then the process has been arrested at the point of highest enzymatic levels, exactly what we want from a horticulture perspective.


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