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Therm X-70 Yucca Extract

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Therm X-70 is a wetting agent that increases your crop's ability to establish itself in stressed conditions, as well as increase its water and fertilizer uptake. 

Increase crop yields, foliar growth & nutrient uptake! Use as a wetting agent or spreader-sticker with fertilizers and insecticides!

Therm X contains 20% saponin derived from Yucca schidigera. Saponin is a natural compound which helps plants overcome water stress and serves as a spreader/sticker for fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide sprays. The following is a more detailed breakdown of the benefits provided by Therm X-70:

  • Saponins improve the soil's absorption and dispersal of both nutrients and water by reducing surface tension. This allows plant roots to absorb more of what is available to them as the water and nutrients are distributed more evenly.
  • Yucca extracts reduce salt buildup by reducing dry pocket formation within the soil and increasing permeability in clay soils. In the case of excessive mineral buildup, yucca extracts will reduce the amount of water necessary to flush the soil.
  • Saponins and complex carbohydrates in yucca extracts provide slow-release food sources for many soil-dwelling microorganisms. As a result, many compost tea recipes use yucca extracts. Yucca extracts commonly contain micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese and copper as well.
  • Yucca contains antioxidants (i.e. salicylic acid, vitamin C) that protect cells from free radical damage. Yucca extracts also stimulate plants' immune systems to produce their own protective hormones boosting insect and disease resistance.

Therm X-70 increases permeability in heavy clay soil, and reduces salt and alkalinity problems by improving drainage. It also stimulates root growth, extending the area irrigation reaches and helping to reduce irrigation costs. When applied to a stressed area, there are immediate noticeable results.


Wetting Agent:

  • Per acre use 2-3 oz per acre mixed with enough water to cover area. 
  • Less than one acre use ¼ tsp per gallon water.

Soil Treatment:

Use once per year on pH neutral to acidic soil; twice per year for alkaline soil.

  • Use 16 oz. per acre. Mix with enough water to cover the entire area.
  • Less than one acre use 1-2 tsp per gallon of water


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