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Solubor® is manufactured to combine the highest concentration of boron with the maximum possible dispersion and solubility in water. As such, it has a number of different uses in agro-industrial markets, in addition to its long established role in farm sprays.

Main uses

  • Coating of finished solid fertilizers. 
  • Manufacture of solution or suspension fertilisers. Optimised dissolution at low ambient temperatures and high concentration make Solubor the product of choice. 
  • Formulation of high performance liquids containing either boron alone or a combination of nutrients for spraying, ‘fertigation’ or irrigation. 
  • Inclusion in multi-element soluble powder formulations for spraying on farm. 
  • To provide boron through irrigation, fertigation or hydroponics where this is the most practical form of plant feeding.


Rapid dispersion
The amorphous particles of Solubor facilitate rapid wetting and incorporation in water and more viscous liquids, even at low temperatures.

High solubility
The minute particle size of Solubor (<75 microns) and inherent high solubility, even at low temperatures, gives rapid solubility properties even under demanding conditions.

Minimal crystallisation effect
Solubor causes minimum changes to crystallisation temperatures or density of formulations. Experience has shown that levels of up to 2.7% Solubor can be added to the more common liquid fertiliser formulations while maintaining crystallisation temperatures below 1.7°C (35°F).

pH buffering action
Solubor has a slight buffering action and maintains pH in solutions.

High boron content (20.9% typical)
The relatively small quantities of Solubor needed to correct deficiency (and therefore for addition to formulations) make it an economical source of boron for manufacturers.


Solubor Boron Heavy Metals Test