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All-Natural Live Microbes in a Shelf Stable, Easy-to-Use Powder
​Boost plant growth, reduce soil pollution, save water, and maintain the health of your garden using the power of live microbes.
Lab and field-tested for guaranteed results.
Choose between our original pouch (great for application to larger areas) or our shaker jar (handy for targeted application on pots and house plants). 

​A 2 oz. package is enough for 100 square feet of garden!

Bring your soil and plants to life with Plant Probiotics! 

  • Each package contains billions of safe, naturally-beneficial soil microbes that help you grow bigger and stronger plants.
  • Made up of soil species found in natural, fertile soil that tend to be missing in garden soil.
  • Use it indoors, outdoors, with potted plants, garden beds, vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs, and grass.
  • Use it any time of year and during any stage of your plant's growth.
  • It improves the efficiency of compost, other nutrients, and fertilizers.
  • Our microbes naturally fight off disease and plant pathogens and help plants use water and nutrients (fertilizers) more efficiently.
  • Professional farmers have used this same proprietary mix of live microbes for years to reliably grow their organic crops.


  • Add it to your compost bin to make a supercharged soil amendment!
  • Safe with children and pets (not for human consumption) 

Some of the microbial species in Plant Probiotics:
Our Bacteria
Bacillus licheniformis (
2x10^7 CFU/g)
Bacillus megaterium (
2x10^7 CFU/g)
Bacillus subtilis (2x10^7 CFU/g)

Our Fungi
Glomus aggregatum (1.4 prop/g)
Glomus mosseae (
1.4 prop/g)
Glomus intraradices (1.4 prop/g)
Glomus etunicatum (1.4 prop/g)

Plus we have added specific ratios of seaweed extracts, humic and fulvic acids, natural plant regulators like cytokinins and gibberellins, and trace minerals and elements to start out microbes out strong with more nutrient-rich soil and disease-resistant plants.

How to use:
Just sprinkle, water and grow!

  • Use 1/4 teaspoon per plant or square foot of soil.
  • Shake directly onto soil surface at plant base and water generously or mix into soil beforeplanting to get it to the root zone.
  • 100% water soluble so you can dissolve in water and apply via foliar sprayer or watering can.
  • Use once a month, after heavy rains, or if plants are especially stressed.
  • Works alone and with most other garden products, but avoid bactericides and fungicides. 
  • Store in cool, dry place and use within 2 years of opening.

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United States

Plant Probiotics

Excellent as always! Make sure to take care of the soil that takes care of you. Thanks for great products and even better customer service!

United States United States

Exactly what my raised bed garden and fruit trees needed !

I've been very pleased with the vigorous growth and increased robustness of our perennial garden and annual vegetables, as well as the fig and apple trees. Thanks for such great products and pristine quality. I appreciate the excellent customer service and always helpful information you offer. Superb company!

josiah b.
United States United States


Excellent product that really took my garden to the next level!

United States United States

Great products

Started amending soil with kis organic products for spring grow , can,t wait for the explosion,

Robert F.
United States United States

New organic source

excellent and swift.