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Pacific Gro Sea Phos 1.7-7-0

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Pacific Gro Sea Phos is a high phosphorous formula, made of salmon and fish bone, and stabilized with phosphoric acid.

Stimulates root growth and reproductive energy.

Effective early season fertilizer to establish strong root systems for annuals, like vegetables and row crops.

Also apply at flowering to boost reproductive growth of flowers, fruit and grain.

And on orchards, berries and vineyards – apply late season to increase energy and nutrients for next season’s fruit set in woody perennials.

Screened to 150 mesh (105 micron) for use in irrigation and sprayers

OMRI listed for Organic Food Production (OMRI number pac-13388)

CDFA certified Organic Input Material


General Usage

Mix well before adding water

Dilution Rate: 10:1 to 30:1 for general use

Minimum Dilution: Soil Use 5:1 (20% solution)

For Foliar Use, at least 50:1 (2% solution)

Use with caution: wash off with water any contact with body.  Do not store diluted product, use up all that you mix.  Store in shed, protect from hot sun.  Protect from freezing.