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Ful-Power® is a fast-acting fulvic acids isolate that can improve nutrient uptake. BioAg’s Ful-Power is produced using a proprietary biological process without the use of harsh chemistry. The result is a clean and compatible product which will not affect pH and EC. Ful-Power is also OMRI listed. All crops should be using Ful-Power as fulvic acids are often a missing ingredient in crop production systems. Ful-Power can be used throughout the entire crop lifecycle. WORKS WITH ALL FERTILIZERS AND FOLIAR SPRAYS.

  • Can improve nutrient uptake
  • Will not affect pH or increase EC
  • Works with all fertilizers and foliar sprays
  • Will not clog drippers or sprayers
  • Can be used in all greenhouse and nursery crop systems including aquaponics

Fulvic acids are derived from humic acids and are comprised of complex hydro-carbon chains.  Due to their microscopic size and negative charge, they help nutrients pass through the plant cell wall more effectively.  In Carbon depleted and heavily salted soils, fulvic acids to help to restore soil health and biology.  They do this by returning essential carbon to the soil and binding to harmful salt molecules which helps them wash out from the soil.

Ful-Power™ can be applied to all crops including: trees, vines, ornamentals, small fruits, vegetables, row crops, feed crops, forage, and pasture. It can be applied by in-furrow, side dress, spray, and fertigation. Consult with your agronomist for the correct number of applications.