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The Blumat Digital Moisture Meter is a professional tensiometer that will show you how dry or wet your soil is at the push at a button. An ideal tool to help you dial in your Blumat or other garden irrigation system - this is our favorite moisture meter that will support you in monitoring and adjusting your watering schedules accurately, at an affordable price.

Keeping your soil at the ideal moisture level keeps microbes and other microorganism populations happy.  Often the moisture you can feel near the surface is fine while the soil near the roots is dry as dust, or the reverse – dry at the surface and over-watered at the roots.  Seasonal differences can also cause these conditions to rapidly reverse. With the digital moisture meter it will no longer be a matter of guesswork and experience but a super accurate way to monitor the moisture level near your roots using concrete numerical data.

Working in a similar way to the Tropf-Blumat, but rather than controlling the watering, the meter measures the levels of moisture and/or dryness.  It operates using the tensiometer principle and indicates the amount of force necessary for a plant to absorb water.  This method of measurement allows for very accurate recognition of the level of moisture near the roots and therefore, a more exact application of water whether by hand or in large container plantings.

The digital moisture meter comes in clear tube with precise instructions and number readings that apply for different seasons and different kinds of plants.


The ceramic extension is soaked in and filled with water, just like a Blumat sensor.  When this is inserted into the growing medium, the medium exerts a pressure on the water inside the cone.  When the medium is more dry, it pulls harder on the water inside the cone.  When the medium is more moist, the force pulling inside the cone is less.  These forces of pressure correlate to different readings on the meter.  A reading of 0 indicates standard water, while a high reading of 750 or so indicates sawdust completely void of moisture.   The higher the number readings, the drier the soil. Using our soil mix, we recommend keeping the soil at 80-120 mbar.

The moisture meter can be used by leaving in the soil or by inserting and waiting at least 5-10 minutes to get an accurate reading. If you do choose to leave it in the soil, make sure you don't accidentally water the digital top, as that is not waterproof. There are caps that can help cover that to keep it dry. 

Do not get the electric/ digital part of the meter wet.  Use protective cap, especially if you are using these outside, hand-watering, or frequently apply foliar sprays.


If you are interested in a custom Blumat set up, you can contact us directly. We specialize in helping people get their garden set up correctly and work directly with Blumat in customizing the best irrigation equipment for your garden space.  Rather than buying a standard kit online, we can save you money by only purchasing the parts that you need.

Start the process today by filling out the Blumat Quote form and one of our team experts will get back to you.




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