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Agricultural Lime (Calcium Carbonate ) is a soil conditioner made from crushed limestone. It is an excellent calcium source and can correct low soil pH rapidly to enhance nutrient uptake. MICRONA™ activates microorganisms and prevents the solubility of many heavy metals.   Certified Organic by WSDA.

The benefits of agricultural lime include:

  • Improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil
  • Promoting better nitrogen fixation by legumes
  • Increasing the availability of nutrients to plants
  • Reducing toxicities in the soil
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of some herbicides
  • Supplying calcium, magnesium and other minerals to crops
  • Raises pH in acidic soil
Field trials show, because of MICRONA’s™ ultra-fine grind, you can apply up to 50% less than the traditional ag lime recommendation and see the same results. 



Ag Lime Heavy Metals Test



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