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Easy-to-Use. Affordable. Microscope-Tested. Effective.

Make your own high-quality compost tea in 24-48 hours with the KIS Organics Microbulator. Designed by Tim Wilson, AKA “Microbeman,"  this sturdy assembly is an affordable, microscope-tested method to give your plants and soil the benefits of healthy, aerated compost tea.

Instead of bubbling air through the water from the bottom of the pail like most compost tea setups, the unique design of the KIS Microbulator circulates and cascades the aerated liquid for optimal microbial growth. Easy to set up and easy to clean, this powerful system will serve you for many seasons of home garden use.

For best results, always start with high-quality compost inputs. We offer a pre-packaged compost tea mix to give you a simple diverse array of microbes to support plant and soil health.

Mini Microbulator Assembly includes:

  • Motor
  • Hose
  • Microbulator unit
  • Securing strap
  • Bucket not included (Use a standard 5-gallon bucket for brewing.)



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