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KIS Organics Mineral Mix is comprised of:

Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust (A natural mineral product produced by thousands of years of glacial action. It replaces key elements that have been depeleted from the soil over the years, replacing these missing minerals in a form readily used by soil microbes to create healthy soil. It allows the soil to re-create the colloids (minerals and humus) which are needed to improve soil structure, moisture holding properties, nutrient availability, and bacterial action. When the correct balance is achieved, organic matter is turned into humus and the soil becomes a favorable environment for a host of beneficial bacteria/archea, fungi, protists, and earthworms. It increases phosphorus availability, provides an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, and supplies trace elements and micronutrients. It can also crease moisture-holding properties in the soil, improve cation exchange capacity, and improve soil structure and drainage.)

Calphos Soft Rock Phosphate Powder (Slow releasing granulated phosphate containing 20% total phosphoric acid and 20% calcium; to help increase and balance soil ph;to feed soil microbes and facilitate nitrogen metabolism.)

Pacific Pearl Oyster Shell Flour (36% Calcium; 92% Calcium Carbonate equivalent. Faster acting, superior to Ag Lime; derived from finely ground oyster shell)

Basalt Rock Dust  Stimulates soil micro-organism activity, contributes to the building of humus complexes.  Will neutralize pH and support your soils max fertility.  Increases Phosphorous. Research has also indicated benefits as a human and animal dietary supplement.  

K-Mag 0-0-22  A unique 3-in-1 combination of potassium, magnesium, and sulfur. K-Mag is a naturally occurring source of these three vital plant nutrients. Potassium is essential for high quality fruit, Magnesium is required for the synthesis of chlorophyll and Sulfur is needed for enzyme activation.

K-Mag fuels quality and yield by supplying a unique and perfectly balanced package of three essential nutrients — K, Mg and S — in the highly available water-soluble sulfate form:

21-22% POTASH (K2O) (18.2% POTASSIUM: K) — Potassium (K) is known as the “quality” nutrient. A good source of K, K-Mag promotes healthy root systems, increases plant vigor and resistance to disease and cold. K is also essential in sugar and starch formation, and the movement of nutrients through plants.

10.5-10.8% MAGNESIUM (Mg) (18% MAGNESIA MgO) — Magnesium (Mg) is the central component of chlorophyll, the pigment molecule responsible for absorbing sunlight during photosynthesis. Providing Mg and K in the proper balance, K-Mag helps increase plant strength and builds resistance to winter kill, drying, insect attack and spray damage.

21-22% SULFUR (S) (67% SULFATE: SO4) — Sulfur (S) helps build proteins in plants and is a key component of many unique traits. S puts the “green and leafy” into crops like spinach, while giving garlic and asparagus their distinctive flavors and improves the baking quality of wheat. S deficiencies are of particular concern as sulfur dioxide emission- reduction programs cause less S to be returned to the soil via the atmosphere. K-Mag provides an adequate supply of S for healthy crop production. Because it’s in the sulfate form, it aids initial root growth — important in rapidly growing crops — and promotes seed production and vigorous plant growth.


Apply at a rate of 2 cups of KiS Mineral Mix per cubic foot of soil mix.


KiS Organics Mineral Mix Heavy Metal Test

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Great stuff!!!

Always good results in my container garden with this

Alexi K.
United States United States

As always, great product with great service

Still incorporating it. I use the nutrient pack for initial media mix. The mineral mix is slated for amending recycled media, added to compost top dressing and compost feeding.