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High purity, feed grade Calcium Carbonate processed from Oyster Shell, Clam Shell and Coral Calcium high in calcium and low in magnesium.

Coastal Shell Flour is a great source of slow release calcium for your soil. Use as a natural fertilizer. 
Coastal Shell flour’s high calcium content will help balance the soil’s pH level. In addition, it improves nitrate intake and can help strengthen plant cell walls. Because Coastal Shell flour has a coarse texture, it can also improve drainage and reduce compaction. Flour provides a quicker calcium release than the crushed..

The best time of year to amend with Coastal Shell flour is in the late spring or summer, once the soil temp has increased. Flour provides a quicker calcium release than the crushed..

Coastal Brand Shell Flour is a feed grade calcium carbonate for layers, breeders, turkeys, chicks, swine and cattle. An excellent source of Calcium and stays in suspension throughout the feed line making calcium available to all birds. This very high and consistent form of calcium is available to the bird many hours after feeding to help protect the medullary bone and provide stronger bones. 

Expressed as Calcium (Ca), Min 38.80%
Expressed as Calcium (Ca), Max 39.80%
Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3), not les than 97.00%
Expressed as Calcium Oxide (CaO), 54.32%

INGREDIENTS: Crushed Shell Calcium Carbonate, Oyster Shell and Calcium

STORAGE: Store in dry, secure area to prevent contamination and caking.

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