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Beneficial Bug/Pollinator Cover Crop Mix

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Quantities over 1 lb may require extra processing time.

We've grown this mix in our greenhouse for a few years now and it's our favorite low growing, easy maintenance mix.

Contains baby blue eyes, bergamot, bishop's flower, black-eyed susan, california poppy, candytuft, cilantro, dill, dwarf cosmos, fennel gayfeather, globe gilia, indian blanket, lance-leaved coreopsis, purple prairie clover, rockcress, shasta daisy, siberian wallflower, and sweet alyssum.


Plant 9-18 lbs/acre or in rows between crops; space 4-8 seeds per inch between 5 ft. row, 1 oz for 100ft row.


Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast: Episode 72: Heavy Metals, Cover Crops, and Water pH with The Soil Doctor, Bryant Mason

Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast: Episode 83: Cover Crops and Soil Fertility with Dr. Abbey Wick

Some photos of our greenhouse in 2015 running a beneficial bug/pollinator mix next to our tomatoes and cucumbers.

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