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Beneficial SF Nematodes (Steinernema feltiae)

Beneficial Nematodes are tiny roundworms that parasitize various pests living in the soil, leaves and sometimes trees.  They can be used as bio-control agents in turf, vegetables, flower gardens, orchards and greenhouses. 

Nematodes (SF) target Fungus Gnats, Codling Moth, Western Flower Thrips, Leafminers, Tuta absoluta and some caterpillars.

Nematodes actively search for larvae. After locating pest larvae, nematodes invade through natural body openings and inject bacteria into the insect. Bacteria develop within the insect and it dies of septicaemia after 2-3 days. Nematodes reproduce inside the dead larva. Thousands of new nematodes leave the dead larva and search for further prey.

We have the BioSF and nemaPlus Time Release Nematode (2000 nematodes) available


Bio SF

An Entomopathogenic nematode containing infective juveniles of Steinernema feltiae in an inert carrier.

Packed in quantities of 50/250/500 million infective juveniles (third stage) in an inert carrier. 

Although BioSf is compatible with most fungicides and insecticides, tank mixing is not recommended.  Simultaneous use of Nematicides must be avoided.

nemaplus® Depot P

A time release product that comes in capsules containing approximately 2,000 beneficial nematodes (Steinernema feltiae) in a water-oil emulsion, enclosed in an alginate shell.

25,000 capsules per package.

Once the capsules come into contact with soil or substrate, the alginate shell becomes permeable within a week and the beneficial nematodes emerge. Over a period of several weeks, new nematodes actively search for larvae.

The special property of nemaplus® Depot P is its preventative protection against fungus gnats primarily but may also help with western flower thrips.



Can be applied as a drench, through micro-irrigation and with a spray application. 

  • For optimum results it should be either applied early morning or late evening to minimize the effect of heat and sunlight.
  • The soil surface should be moist at the time of application and it’s recommended to maintain the soil moist for 3-4 weeks after application.
  • Dosage application depends on pest pressure.

Suggested application: 5 million treats 1,660 sq ft.  10 million treats 3,200 sq ft, 50 million treats 1 acre, 250 million treats 5 acres and 500 million treats 10 acres

nemaplus® depot P

Can be used in greenhouses all year round.

  • Soil or substrate temperatures should be 46 to 82 ° F. At higher temperatures nematodes become inactive.
  • At application the soil or substrate should be moist.
  • Mix the capsules evenly into the substrate or insert them into the planting hole when sowing, sticking or potting.
  • All organic substrates are suitable; sterilized substrates containing almost no micro-organisms are not suitable.
  • Cover the capsules with at least 2 cm of substrate.
  • Commercially available fertilizer spreaders are suitable for machine application.
  • The substrate should remain moist during application.
  • The product is effective for approx. 6 weeks, the highest effect is recorded in the 2nd- 4th week after application.

To avoid limiting the supply of oxygen when storing, do not completely cover the perforated top. Rotate the pack regularly during storage to mix the capsules, turning the package upside-down to allow free water to drain away.


Orders can take 1 - 2 weeks to arrive to you.  Beneficial Insects are reared to order. You can refer to our order and shipping deadlines to get a better idea of when your order will be ready HERE.

Please feel free to call or email us before placing your order if you have any questions.

All beneficial insects are shipped via an overnight carrier once the order is ready to leave the insectary.


Please note that once you have made your purchase, we are unable to accept returns or process refunds for beneficial insects.  The specific quantity and insect state you order are specially reared at the insectary so as to handle your particular pest pressure and arrive viable and ready to get to work!

Feel free to call us before placing an order and we will be happy to discuss your personal needs and solutions.


Nematodes can be kept refrigerated for several weeks until needed. Do not freeze!

For nemaplus® depot P the unused capsules should be stored and sealed properly for up to 4 weeks in the fridge.  Unopened containers can be stored for 5-6 weeks in fridge

If you would like to speak to an expert to produce a tailor-made IPM program to meet your individual needs, please email us at or call us at (425) 558-0990.


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Dan U.
United States United States

Pest control

Great item to buy. It worked so well I was really surprised. Thanks

Ron G.
United States United States

Problem exterminated

I'd recommend These for anyone who has a fungus gnat issue wheather it be in your soil or your worm bin,

United States United States

Great bugs!!!

Nematodes arrived looking good. Was super easy to apply and fungus gnats are nowhere to be seen after 10 days! Thanks KIS Organics for keeping it EASY!