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SPECIAL BUNDLE - small nutrient pack + fungal compost (1/2 gallon) + Black Owl Biochar (1/2 gallon) + Miicrobial Mass (125 ml) - AVAILABLE HERE

Black Owl Premium Organic Biochar (B.O.B) is a high-quality product sourced from Biochar Supreme, a local producer in WA who create their Biochar by pyrolyzing* 100% clean, unprocessed virgin wood waste from sustainably managed forests. OMRI-Listed and Organic Approved.

B.O.B is produced specifically with the grower in mind with its capacity to improve soil structure and fertility, help with water retention and drainage and as a magnet for heavy metals and other water impurities.  Major research centers and top institutions have confirmed the benefits of Biochar and our own research trials have shown an 8-9% increase in growth and yields using our KiS Biochar Soil vs our Water-Only Soil.

B.O.B has positively charged ions that attract fertilizers and nutrient minerals such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. This attractiveness (called "cation exchange capacity" or CEC) keeps nutrients in the plant root zone, preventing them from leaching out with watering. CEC also helps make the nutrients bioavailable to the plants. Ultimately, with Black Owl Biochar in your soil, you need less fertilizer or compost for the same results. Along with your crops, you'll harvest savings in fertilizer costs, year after year. With a well-made Biochar in your soil, you will water less often and also save costs associated with both water and labor.

*Pyrolyzing means ‘decomposition with heat’ and is as simple as baking biomass in an oven in the absence of oxygen.  Higher temperature pyrolysis produces Biochar with higher surface area, which helps to lock away harmful contaminates like heavy metals and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.  The baking process releases flammable gasses that provide heat energy- in essence producing an amazing soil amendment that stores stable carbon in the soil while producing clean, emissions-free energy for the Washington State energy grid.


The Biochar should ideally be placed near the soil’s surface in the root zone, where the bulk of nutrient cycling and uptake by plants takes place.  In cases of new landscaping or construction areas, deeper placement is preferable. The likelihood of wind erosion is significantly reduced when pre-mixed with compost, watered down and thoroughly incorporated into the soil.  Biochar can also be mixed with liquid manures and applied as a slurry. 

For specific application rates of Biochar from Biochar Supreme, click here

If creating your own soil mix we recommend 5%-8% of your total media to maximize soil benefits.  In field soils we can see application rates at 2%-3% with benefits.

Our Commercial Grower’s Mix (CGM) soil contains 5% biochar by volume and our biochar soil mix contains 8% biochar by volume.


Free shipping in Continental USA only.  Does not include Alaska, American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Armed Forces Americas, Armed Forces Europe or Armed Forces Pacific.


Bulk orders of Black Owl Biochar come in 2 yard totes. Please note that to have this repackaged into 1 yard totes there will be an additional fee added to the order.  Please contact us directly for a freight quote or pick up options in WA.


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Ron G.
United States United States

Multi use

Its quality char

Christian M.
United States United States


The biochar was as expected, price is good and I’m currently charging it. Relieved it wasn’t dust, kinda has pieces like rice hull. Some smaller some bigger.

Dylan SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Love them great company

Ralph SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

This product is far superior than anything you could possibly create, I’ve started utilizing it across the board for everything. I utilize it in mushroom cultivation, cannabis cultivation, worm farming, soil creating, outdoor use, I even use it in conjunction with Korean natural farming. The possibility’s are endless! It has been two weeks and I can see a noticeable difference across the entirety of the grow room. Plants seem to be growing much larger much faster! I check the grow room multiple times a day!

Ron G.
United States United States

Love it

I use it in my worm bin

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