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Complete Soil Test and Analysis with Consultation

Are you re-using your soil mix or want to know more about your garden soil? This is a complete Meilich III Soil Test and Saturated Paste Test from Logan Labs with a custom analysis by Aaron Crozier at GrowRU and examination by Tad Hussey. 


Quick results - 10 days from time of receiving sample

Apply only the minerals and nutrients your soil actually needs

This is a great way to correct trace mineral imbalances and begin improving your soil

Each Additional Soil Sample is only $100.00 

This INCLUDES a detailed report and soil test interpretation along with the soil tests themselves. Your custom report will be created to include exact numbers for amending your garden or potting soil.

Soil Test Interpretation and Report Powered by Aaron Crozier (and his beard) of GrowRU


This includes:

  • 1. Standard Melich 3 Soil Test
  • 2. Extras: Cobalt, Molybydenum, Ammonium Nitrogen, Nitrate Nitrogen, Selenium, Silicon, EC
  • 3. Saturated Paste Test 
  • 4. AA 8.2 Soil Test for accurate CEC and Calcium numbers. 
  • We will send a package with soil sample bags and pre-printed form to send off to Logan Labs along with pre-paid postage to make it very simple.


Once you've received your report and analysis, we can get you a quote on whatever nutrients or trace minerals are needed and even mix a custom blend for you that's ready to apply.


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