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Soil Savvy Soil Test Kit - FREE SHIPPING

Soil Savvy is a Ready-To-Use professional-grade soil test kit available to the general public that provides an Easy-To-Understand fertilizer recommendation tailored to your specific soil.

Analysis provides a full report, comprised of soil pH and 14 nutrients including (N,P,K)

A truly Sustainable approach to fertilizer management, Soil Savvy determines what nutrients are needed by your plants and eliminates over application of the nutrients they don’t need.

The same soil testing technology used by leading agricultural producers, turf managers and landscapers is now available to YOU the home gardener!

Each Kit includes all needed components and instructions for use including a postage paid envelope to send in the sample.

I have spent a lot of time analyzing soil tests, specifically the Meilich III test from Logan Labs. This method of testing is much more useful in my opinion and I'm excited to be able to offer it to growers and gardeners. 

This test simulates plant root uptake and tells you not what's in the soil, but what's actually available to the plant. With this test you can take samples when your plants look the best and figure out what optimal nutrient levels are for any stage of plant growth or cultivar.

Below are 2 tests of the EXACT SAME SAMPLE using the Meilich test and the Soil Savvy test kit. You can see the difference for yourself.


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