Practical Permaculture by Jessi Bloom and Dave Boehnlein - FREE SHIPPING

The idea behind permaculture is simple: take care of the earth, and the earth will take care of you. In clear, logical steps, Practical Permaculture offers the tools you need to live a life rich in healthy food, safe housing, and renewable resources. This hardworking book covers the basic principles of permaculture, showing the entire design process from land assessment to the completed master plan, with detailed information on the plants, water, waste, energy, shelter, food, animals, and structures that make up the garden. Filled with real-life examples from all over the world, this invaluable resource will help you turn your property into a sustainable ecosystem.

Jessi and Dave are local authors and friends of the farm. This text is proving to be an excellent resource for gardeners new to permaculture or as a text for coursework on permaculture design. 

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