Natural Insect Fertilizer (Frass) 3-2-4

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Derived locally from the digestate of black soldier fly larvae. This 100% organic product is rich in essential nutrients, with an N-P-K value of 3-2-4. This insect frass is a natural fertilizer and has the following benefits for plants and crops:

  • Promotes early plant growth and seed inoculant
  • Beneficial microbes for plant growth and production
  • Improved growth compared to competing products
  • Low C/N ratio that promotes rapid mineralization and
    faster nutrient release
  • 1 to 2% addition rate into soils and potting mixes
  • Long shelf life — over 1 year
  • Water-soluble for use in hydroponics and fertigation
  • Contains chitin
  • No odor
  • Not a pesticide or fungicide, will not bring new insects into your garden.

Home Use

Urban Gardens, Established Plants, Lawns: Incorporate 2.5 kg per 10 square meters (5 lbs/100 sq ft) into the soil prior to planting. Apply 2.5 kg to the soil surface after seedlings have emerged.


Incorporate 15-20 mL per liter (1–1½ tbsp. in 4 cups) of the planting mix.

Commercial Use

Farms, Lawns, Golf Courses: Broadcast 2.5 tonnes per hectare (1.1 tons/acre). Incorporate into the soil if possible. Greenhouses: Incorporate 7.5 kg per cubic meter (12.5 lbs/cubic yard) of the container medium.


Applications may be repeated after 8 weeks to a maximum of 3 times per season.

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