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Mammoth P is the first organically derived microbial innoculant that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize bud growth, increase yield and enhance plant health. Safe for use as a supplement to any fertilizer program in soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems.

Mammoth P is specifically designed to increase phosphorus availability during the bloom phase and should be used as a supplement to your regular fertilization program. Application during clone and vegetative phase will boost effectiveness. Mammoth P has a near neutral pH formulation and runs clean in any system.

Developed by Growcentia’s founders at a leading US university using next-generation technology, this product has been extensively tested by growers and farmers across the world and proven to increase growth by independent labs.

Mammoth P is Omri listed, registered with CDFA & WSDA and Clean Green Certified.

Further benefits include:

  • Increased levels of phosphorus keeping internodes shorter and focuses energy on bud production. 
  • Beneficial bacteria that acts like micro bioreactors, continually producing enzymes that release nutrients.
  • Reduces the need for a separate enzyme additive.
  • Shields the plant rhizosphere by outcompeting potentially harmful pathogenic microbes.


Mammoth P is offered in a range of volumes to fit every need.

For best results, follow the simple recommended application rates noted below.

Per Week

  • US (mL/GALLON)……….0.6
  • EU (mL/LITER)…………..0.16

Directions for Use

  • Shake bottle well before each use
  • Mix with water following the weekly application rate


  • 120mL treats 200 gallons
  • 250mL treats 415 gallons
  • 500mL treats 830 gallons
  • 1000mL treats 1,660 gallons
  • 1 gallon treats 6,300 gallons
  • 5 gallons treats 31,500 gallons
  • 10 gallons treats 63,000 gallons


Mammoth P MSDS

How to Maximize your Mammoth P Application

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