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Body, Mind & Soil
Chlorine/Chloramine Removal System
Healthy Soil = Healthy Food!
Essential for Every Organic Home Gardener
* Replaceable & Recyclable Filtration Media
* Filters 25,000 Gallons before media replacement

* Protect soil Biology by Neutralizing almost 100% of Chlorine & Chloramine

* Perfect for use with BT, compost tea & other micro-organism products

* Helps increase nutritional value of your home-grown fruits & vegetables

* No Carbon! Filter is Replaceable & Recyclable KDF, a Copper & Zinc blend

* Hand made with quality parts for long-term use

* Easy installation at hose end or between two hoses

* Sustainable & recyclable for a healthy Planet

* Eco-Friendly products from Natural Living Source

100% Recyclable & Replaceable media

"The BEST garden hose filter on the market, the Filter of Eden, just got BETTER! Introducing the Filter of Eden "One Solution" Garden Hose Filter by Body, Mind, and Soil! We combined the benefits of the Hard water filter and the benefits of having a pre-filter (to prevent sediment from clogging the filter) into ONE filter! No more guessing which filter is right for you. This filter works for both hard and soft water, and having the pre-filter already attached, prevents any sediment in the tap water from clogging the filter. As our older water pipes continue to crumble, sediment in the tap water will be an increasing problem. The "One Solution" has solved this, and other problems, to insure you have a steady flow of water through your Filter of Eden! Not only is this the HIGHEST quality garden hose filter on the market, there is nothing like it on the market! This PATENT PENDING filter is a must for Organic Gardeners because it effectively removes almost all the chlorine, chloramines, and some heavy metals from the tap water. Chlorine is put into our city water to kill bacteria, but it is also very detrimental to the microbes (bacteria) in the soil. Chlorinated water also decreases the effectiveness of many Organic products, especially those containing microorganisms. The Filter of Eden One Solution is also perfect for use in the compost pile, for making compost tea, worm bins and worm tea, pet water, hydroponics, house plants, RV's, pools, horse and small livestock watering, as well as with any product containing microorganisms (like BT). This product is hand made right here in the USA with high quality parts and is built to last! It will filter 20,000 gallons before the filter needs changing. You will get many years of use out of this product. The filter media is also recyclable. Also makes an excellent gift for an Organic Gardener or anywhere filtered water is needed. (Not recommended for Koi fish ponds or well water)."

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