BioCucumeris Predatory Mite

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BioCucumeris (Neoseiulus cucumeris) is a predatory mite widely used in the control of immature thrips (egg and larvae) as well as other species of mites. Although very small (1mm), BioCucumeris can be recognized by its oblong shape and quick mobility along the underside of leaves and in flowers.

Its ability to feed on pollen makes it an effective early prevention agent.


  • Bottle containing 100,000/250,000/500,000 mites
  • Box 250 sachets (1000 individuals/sachet)
  • Box 500 sachets (1000 individuals/sachet)


  • BioCucumeris is shipped in insulated, chilled boxes. Packaging must be kept intact until placed in the field.
  • Keep in a cool location until release.
  • Remove the product containers from the box, one at a time and empty their content as quickly as possible.
  • Before use turn, roll the bottle back and forth gently, to mix BioCucumeris with the medium.
  • The predators are released by sprinkling the contents of the bottle on the leaves of the host plants, preferably in a shady area.
  • Do not expose the bottles to direct sunlight.

Before combining BioCucumeris with any chemical pesticide in the crop, please consult your BioBee technical representative.



There are many possible alternative diets for mass rearing predatory insects and mites, some are more costly than others. The level of effectiveness also varies. We offer an array of high-quality feed to help in your endeavors. You can learn more about our beneficial insect food HERE.